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Nehemiah: The Visionary

Sunrise in Zambia
The book of Nehemiah has taken a special place in the hearts of many ZOCF members for obvious reasons. What had began as great sadness and concern for the state of the "motherland" in Chapter 1 had developed and grown into Vision for getting on with with rectifying the situation. The situation Nehemiah describes is so similar to ours and we will do well to share in his vision and apply the lessons to our ZOCF vision.

Five Pointers on VISION:

  • Vision is born out of prayer and communion with God ( 1:4,5 and 2:4)
  • Vision is fed by factual information ( 1:2,3)
  • Vision is compatible with planning and realism ( 2:6-8)
  • Vision must involve the heart not just the head ( 2:12)
  • Vision will be, and needs to be, tested and confirmed ( 2:6, 8, 18)